Gabapentin AND pregablin together?


I suffer with leg stiffness for which I was perscribed gabapentin (baclofen no good). I was on about 800mg of gabapentin and had the usual side effects. When the idea of taking less drug for the same effect was mentionered (pregablin) I was keen!!

As I switched from gabapentin to Pregab I was temporarily taking both (gabapen decreasing and pregab increasing).

At that point I felt better balaced, much less stiff.

I assumed it was the pregablin. For a year I have taken just pregablin and although, for me, its results are better than just gabapentin they aren’t as good as the “crossover” period when I took both drugs.

I approached my neuro team and the standard answer was "no you shouldn’t take both. Then asked the head neuro and he agreed.

Anyone else had a similar experience?


Gabapentin and pregabalin have the same sort of chemical action so it might be that during your crossover period, you were effectively taking a higher dose? (Because they have the same sort of action, you aren’t supposed to take them together.)

Karen x

It wouldn’t be a higher dose I dont think as as i introduced pregablin I reduced my gabapentin. They have the same sort of action but only comparabel to paracetamol and asprin? (I hope!!)