Gabapentin v Pregabalin

Hello everyone, could I please ask if anyone has any opinion or experience of Gabapentin v Pregabalin ? I have been on Gabapentin for a couple of years but still have a lot of issues and wonder if it would be worth nagging my GP to give me a trial of Pregabalin. I am expecting some of you to say it is an individual thing and what works for each of us can be different, however hope you don’t mind me asking. My diagnosis is a bit complicated as I have been DX,d with MS, PA, FM Hypothyroidism, depression/anxiety , type 2 diabetes and just for good measure arthritis so you can imagine my prescription list ! Thanks in advance for any replies. Elljay

Hi I have just changed from gabapitin to pregablin and my pain is so much better on pregablin though I must say I was late taking a dose the other day by about 3hours and boy did I start to feel some sort of withdrawal sytoms hot sweat and the shakes that stopped 20 mins after taking tabs so they must be strong. So strong for me anyway no side effects that I have noticed .

Take care Katy


Katy is correct, its pretty strong stuff.

I switched from gabapentin to Pregablin recently and found I felt awful and that feeling didn’t subside. I think maybe the Pregablin was too strong for me. I’m back on gabapentin and feel better for it.

All the best with your choice x