Gabapentin again! 8) xx

Hi Guys!

Has anyone else felt immediate refief from Gabapentin?

I’ve literally only been on it 3 days taking 900mg and already I’m sleeping better - less burning pain and less intense heat problems

I’m also experiencing a rather nice ‘feelgood factor’!!!

It was the same with the Baclofen - relief within a week of starting it!!

It’s not miraculously cured all my ills - but 3 days ago I was rock bottom unwell with my symptoms - on a scale of 1 - 10 I was at 2!!

Today on a scale of 10 I’m up to 5! Ok not great - but functioning!!

I’m hoping this continues and as I increase the dose I’ll rise up that scale even further!!

I have no idea how or why Gabapentin works - but hey ho I’m loving the stuff !!!

hi, Yep, about after a week of taking it, my “hug” had lessened in it’s awful grip. I was on 1800mg per day. My symptoms have never completely gone but it was a lot easier. When my arm started to spasm I again took Gabapentin but strangely it didn’t work for that area whereas Amitriptyline did … weird.

Just looked and it has been proven to help significantly with menopausal flushing - bingo - two positive effects in one!!

Really glad it’s working for you :slight_smile:


Hi Jen, I found the same thing with Gabapntin. It also gave me some good night’s sleep. I haven’t slept as well since I came off it! Teresa xx

Gabapentin -sorry, typo! xx

Glad something is going the right way for you.

The tail end of last year I did try slowly reducing it to check I still needed it,and to be fair to see if it would help in the trying to get some weight off me.

I gave in after a month as it wasn’t worth living with the pain when I knew I didn’t need to.

Does anyone know the answer to this though…I have put weight on since taking it,but does it follow that the more you take the fatter you get?

I would ideally like to increase as I’m only on 900mg but have this idea in my head that the more I take the more the weight will pile on.


Hi Pip x

Yes - it’s such a releif to only have a slight amount of respite!

I have no idea about the weight thing! I’m trying to ignore the side effects to be honest - and since I’ve been ill I’ve put on a lot of weight anyway - mainly due to drastically reduced exercise (zilch!) and worse than that I’m a big comfort eater!!!

But I’ll certainly keep an eye out for it xxxxjenxxxx

I was prescribed Gabapentin against the “electric shock” type of pain.

In the week it took to get up to the full prescribed dose, it stopped the “shocks” completely.

No side effects, no real weight gains, have since had the dose increased to act against other neuropathic pains.

And Pip, I am currently on 2400 mg daily (3x300, am; 2x300, afternoon; 3x300 at night) with the OK to add another 300 in the afternoon.

One thing you might want to watch for is a big gap between night and morning. I have taken the night-time dose early (say 10pm) and woken at 8am with arm and leg pain. If this ever happens, you can take Gaba without food, so get the morning dose down right away. The relief comes inside an hour.



I have been on 3600mg of Gabapentin daily for over a year and Amitriptyline 50mg at night and the pain is bearable now but I have put about 1 1/2 stone on. I think a lot of it is due to a reduction in my mobility thus less exercise but my appetite is huge. I’m trying to eat less and more fruit but if anyone has any realistic help it would be gratefully accepted.