Gabapentin for nerves.

Hi to all, I have been put on gabapentin for my nerves inbetween my shoulder blades As very uncomfortable n painfull I have to go back in a month time and Also lots of stiffness in back hips legs ECT. Can anyone tell me if this med affects weight as I am trying to loose Weight so as to be more comfortable and will be trying To add exercise when it get s warmer. All though I have an op coming up sooner rather than later,reason for my Operation battery removal so I can have an MRI Scan because all of my symptoms And back pain ECT. Dolphin500.

I used to take 600mg three times a day it didn’t help me much I don’t believe the affected my weight I now take pregablin which seem to work for my nerve pain better but not eliminate it. and my neuro added clonazepam in low dose half a tablet twice I take a few other med but that’s not relevant.


i was on this for 2 1/2 weeks but had to stop due the unwanted side effect-that aside it did nothing at all for my pain.

i wasnt on it long enough to notice any weight differences.

hope op goes ok.


I’ve been on Gabapentin for a few years although only 100mg twice a day and 300mg at night. Could take more but side effects not ideal (made me feel either extra sleepy or p***ed(!). It definitely hasn’t affected my weight tho’ in fact I feel that I should apologise as I’m trying to put a bit of weight on. Assume it will affect everyone differently.

Hi Dolphin, I had Gabapentin in 2012. It didn’t relieve neuro pain totally & weight increased by 3 stone. In 2015 I changed painkillers to morphine based controlled drugs. Success at pain control & lost 3st 6lbs over 10 months.

Some people speak well of Gabapentin but my experience wasn’t good. Good luck.


Hi to all, Thankyou for the info think I will try morphine first I was only out a few hours my hips are stiff N my feet killing so will have to have some med Dolphin_500.