gabapentin advice please :)

hi everyone, I have had a really heavy head feeling and eye pain on and off for a while now, am I right to take gabapentin? iboprufen and paracetomol do nothing!

I have been taking 2 x 300mg 3 times a day? It seems to ease it I think? I would just like reassurance that I am taking the right medication.

I am currently still waiting for my MS nurse to get back to me???

Thanks in advance for your replies xx

If the gabapentin is easing it, it must be neurological pain. Mind you 900mg a day is a very very low dose for this medication.

If I read that right you’re taking 1800mg a day. Is the head/eye pain what you were prescribed it for? If not, I’d best speak to your MS nurse or GP, as there may be something better for you.

Sorry I can’t help more.