Gabapenin and Omeprazole

Hi everybody Just wondering if anybody out there knows if it is OK to take Omeprazole when on Gabapentin. I was in the garden yesterday and disturbed a wasps nests .:o I ow have multiple stings around my ankles. My feet are now very swolen, the doctor told me to take anti histamine which has caused me heart burn. :cry: I have taken Omeprazole for reflux before but not whilst on Gabapentin. Any thoughts? keep s’myelin :slight_smile: Kaz

Hi, I’m taking Omeprazole and Pregabalin at the moment (I’m assuming it’s similar to being on Gabapentin and Omeprazole). My doctor said it was okay.

Shouldn’t be any problems with interactions. I take omeprazole all the time and it doesn’t interfere with any pain meds I have had. Liz

Hi Thanks for the help heartburn is now under control.

I take both, just not at the same time!