Gabapentin and Antihistamine?


I have just got back from a week away in our caravan with the family.

I was bitten by a horsefly this morning and my foot is very itchy and I have a nice bite there now.

I am on low dose Gabapentin (500mg per day) and I want to take a antihistamine to help with the bite. Does anyone know if this is ok?

Thanks for your help.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie

A quick look through the BNF section on “interactions” for Gabapentin does not mention antihistamines at all. Probably quite safe, but a quick phone call to whichever pharmacy near you has a pharmacist on late duty would make sure.


Thanks so much Geoff. The itching is driving me mad so will pop to Boots to ask.

Thanks for your reply.

Shazzie x

Just popped to Boots and he said it was safe to take Antihistamine with Gabapentin but probably best to not take them both at the same time. Leave a 2hr gap between taking the Gabapentin and the Antihistamine. He also gave me some hydrochrotisone.

Also, can anyone tell me why I don’t have “New” in the box next to my new thread?

Hope you are all having a good day.

Shazzie x