Further to my recent diagnosis......

Hi everyone,

Hope you have all managed to enjoy the weekend?

Had a letter today from the hospital following my appt and verbal diagnosis of MS 2 weeks ago and am now a bit confused!

Letter is about me rather than to me and is addressed to the consultant who is clinical lead for their MS centre at my hospital.

Summarises my appt 2 weeks ago and then goes on to request that I be seen at their ‘Newly diagnosed’ clinic and could MS service take over my care. All well and good but also states “I think it is highly likely she has MS”

So, to my mind, this still isn’t a definitive diagnosis!! Although the Neuro did categorically state to my face verbally “You have MS” at the appt.

As it happens I’m not eligible to claim critical illness cover or in need of applying for disability benefits at the moment, although I do need to notify DVLA I believe.

So I feel I do need an actual written confirmation of diagnosis at some point just in case!

Anyone else had similar?? Am now wondering if I do or don’t have MS :confused:

see your gp because they get letters from consultants, usually sent at the same time as yours. it’s a lot easier to see the gp. phone the neuro’s secretary and ask, a letter may be stuck in their admin system. it is to my mind a vaguely worded diagnosis.

Thanks Carole,

Tis a bit vague! Will phone Neuro secretary today I think.