Definate diagnosis?

Hi all, Following my mri scan and lumbar puncture, my neuro told me and hubby that i have MS and that she is referring me on to an MS specialist and a MS nurse clinic (both of which i hhave had lettersfor but havnt attended yet. Today my insurance informed me that they cant pay out as i have not had a definitive diagnosis. Now im so confused as to what i have! My neuro refused to fill out their detailed report but did send them a letter with the wording ‘i discussed the diagnosis of MS with patient’ but it apparently doesnt prove whether its a probable or definate thing. I guess my question is, would i have been referred on to the MS drs if it was only suspected MS or is that referral proof in itself of a definate diagnosis? They are also questioning the fact that my brain scan was normal (although my C spine showed lesions and LP was positive for the O bands) i have read that the lesions dont always show on brain scans Any advice? Thanks guys Beky

hi beky

your GP will receive a letter from the neuro re your diagnosis.

my copy has always arrived at the same time as his.

anyway it won’t hurt to ask your GP if the letter reads as though it could be a diagnosis.

you will need to see the specialist neuro for formal diagnosis.

hope you don’t have too long to wait.

carole x

Thanks for your reply Iv just spoken with my GP surgery today (not the gp himself) and they said that my records have been updated to list MS as a known condition of mine so they are in no doubt that a diagnosis has been made. (They called me lasf week actually to book in for flu jab which confused me as iv never been offered it before but they confirmed it was because of the MS diagnosis. It may just be the insurance being awkward but after getting the quite devistating news from the neuro (im 31 with a 1 year old and 2 year old!) Its now making me question whether it could be something else and not MS. Im trying to find out if referrals still get made to MS teams if its only suspected MS?