Little unsure, after some help.

Hi, first post although i have read website many times lately it has been a great help.

I am a little unsure of my diagnosis, I went to see neuro for MRI results.

He said i have MS, i have multiple lesions and my history leads him to this conclusion. He then asked me is i wanted to know anything about it and then told me he would book me in with an MS nurse. I asked him if i needed a lumbar puncture to confirm he said no the evidence was enough.

So i thought that was it until today

Received a letter this morning from neuro to myself and GP.

It said that i had multiple lesions and history is suggestive of MS, and he has referred me to MS nurse.

So a little confused is suggestive a definite diagnosis? it sounds to me like its a possibility

But why the MS nurse?

Confused by the jargon,

Thanks Anth