Funny thoughts

Hi everyone,

I was just sitting here enjoying the sunshine and I had a funny though . Just say when astronauts came back down to earth we for a joke dress up as monkeys.

I thought that was funny and I was wondering if anyone else had any funny thoughts like that the could add to this thread.


Keep em clean


hiya robert

i have a question-do u get male/female goldfish? if so how do u tell them apart? this question arose on fri-any answer anyone?

todays question with my carers…if you could be a mr man or little miss today which one would u be?

ellie ps hope u r doing ok in hosp

your both mad and should get some help or perhaps its me thats bonkers . Have fun whatever .

I just had a thought regarding the goldfish!!! Set up a recorder, play some romantic music and film them making golffish love, that will sort the male from the female question That’s a funny thought…made me laugh

Hi Ellie,

Throw in a ring and the first one to go for it has got to be a female

Ellie im not in yet pal in go in tomorrow morning.


But Blossom - what if you have two male goldfish who happen to swim with the other fin - if you get my drift. Watching goldfish dirty movies wont help in that situation!!

I think you need full fat goldfish food and diet goldfish food and see who eats what!!

JBK (always on a diet) xx

don’t shoot the messenger

quote “Female goldfish tend to have a rounder, thicker body shape than males”

Hi there

I have a few goldfish and I think I know the answer although I do not profess to be an expert.

Females tend to be or have a fatter rounder body but they do need to be a decent size.

I knew I would come in handy some day.


Birthday balloons are weird.

"Happy Birthday. Here’s a latex sack of my breath’.

I read that somewhere years ago, thought it was very true (and weird!) when you think about it

PG xx

Sorry but can’t resist… but why is it that the male sepcies in the bird kingdom tend to be better looking then the female a drake over a female duck (brown), a peacock over a pea hen (brown) , a cockerill over a hen (fancy head gear), and so on but when it comes to the human species, male, man they can be dead ugly… Lou x

Except for my amazingly handsome husband!!! Min xx