funny film

Sat in my pyjamas, watching the borrowers. What a funny movie…,such a giggle. :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed the comedy in ‘The Man Who Invented Lying’ (Ricky Gervais) over the weekend.

…errr the film was/is actualy called “The Invention of Lying” (…in case anyone wants to rent or buy it ??) …certainly well worth watching

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Never watched that one!

Watched Ghost on film 4 last night, I always cry at the end. I remember watching it for the first time, 24 years ago. Me and a close friend took our two children to the cinema. We were laughing that much when the liltle black sooty men came to take the baddies, we had to stuff tissues in our mouth so we wouldn’t get thrown out. Our children were so embarrassed

Brassed off tonight on fim 4, me and my husband love that film.

Blossom, I thought,at first that you Kent that you had taken your children to see Ghost! Made me laugh when I realised I’d misunderstood :slight_smile: Me and my husband watched The Invention of Lying the other week, it’s really good. We also enjoyed Ghost Town, another Ricky Gervace (?!) film.