funny bone feeling in foot?

hello everyone, I haven’t posted in a while but have been watching and reading from afar. I just wanted to ask if the following is familiar to anyway: I have the strangest sensation in my right foot. when I walk or move it it sort of vibrates like when you hit your funny bone (but without the pain of hitting your funny bone ) its not painful but after doing this all day long my foot almost feels like its going to slowly fall off or is on fire , its like constantly hitting your funny bone all daylong. it’s worse as the day goes by. I wonder has this happened to anyone else? thxs…:slight_smile:

anyone not anyway!

All day today, but in my arms and legs and I said the exact same thing to my friend about being a funny bone sensation! I’m undiagnosed by the way!

Thanks for answering, its driving me nuts at the mo. But it seems Im not alone :slight_smile: Hope you feel better soon!

I can’t believe I am responding 5 years later. I too have exactly what you are describing in both feet, I feel it more in the left foot and sometimes up my left leg. In 2012 I came down with and autoimmune disease, right out of nowhere. With that I had 9 mini strokes, a tumor in my left eye (benign) and had to have my colon re-constructed, I already had diverticulitis 2 yrs before. Since then I have felt those same symptoms, was told that is was peripheral neuropathy and have been on at 6 medications along with percerset, none of which worked. When I walk too long, stand too long or am on the elliptical for more than a minute it flares up. Is this MS ? The autoimmune is Wegerners Granulamatosis or GPA.