Fund Raising

May I ask if an opportunity arises to raise some dosh who would you give to out of MS Society or local MS Therapy Centre?

Your local branch or therapy centre


therapy centre. They do so much for people-all voluntary I believe.

I’d rather give direct to research.

For me, the number one priority is to make it a thing of the past. All other kinds of help wouldn’t be needed any more, if we knew how to prevent or cure it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t need therapy centres, or any of it, because someone with MS could go to the doctor and get fixed?

Or maybe those at risk could be identified early, and early intervention would mean they never went on to develop it?


When I did my skydive I gave money to both - my employer do a pound-for-pound thing where they match anything you raise. So I gave one half to the MS Society and the other half to my local Therapy Centre.