Fund raising with Frazer

Hello, Me and Frazer had a fantastic day yesterday…We got invited to an event organised by Barclays bank. It was where all the assistance dog charities got together to raise awareness and funds and Barclays will match whatever wev’e raised. I’m completely exhausted, but it was so good to put something back. Iv’e had Frazer as a Canine Partner for over a year now and it was quite an emotional event. Guide dogs and Canine Partners, have both had a part in Frazers life, He was originally breed and trained by Guide dogs but was withdrawn as a puppy because of a slight cataract in one eye…However he then went on to be trained by Canine Partners as an assistance dog for me,So he’s kind of had a career change. Its funny sometimes I moan and I really shouldn’t …yesterday reminded me of how fortunate i am, One lady who asked what he did for me after we’d watched a fantastic display of a dog emptying a washing machine…Yes he can do that! but the biggest thing and the most important thing he has done is to give me my life back!..I didn’t just lose my mobility, I lost my confidence and i’m so glad that he’s given me that back… i’d have never imagined how good things could be.

Michelle and Frazer xx


aww Michelle thats so lovely to hear,its brought a tear to my eye,good old Frazer,we could all do with a Frazer.

J x

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Thanks Mrs J. I don’t know how i’d manage without him. It was nice to see all the other dogs too. I think most people know about guide dogs, but there are so many other organisations that train dogs to help people. Medical alert dogs can help people with epilepsy and can alert their owners 42 minutes before having a fit so that they can go somewhere safe. i found it really amazing.

Michelle x


That’s so wonderful Michelle!

It’s amazing what dogs can do!

Lovely post to read and so happy for you and Frazer.

Dickie can’t empty washing machines…in fact he’s not very helpful around the house…I did try to get him to wear a Santa hat for Xmas but he bit me and ran under the bed. His company however is priceless.

Pat xx


Hi Michelle

Oh that’s lovely, and I would imagine gave you great satisfaction.

My little Alfie doesn’t do anything to help me physically, but mentally he does lots, he always stays on the bed with me when I am poorly, he seems to know, and his love is unconditional, as is mine to him.

Hope you had a good weekend and totally pampered. Woof to Fraser.

Pam x

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