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So I have waited a year to see this neuro and within a couple of minutes I was in tears. I wrote down a list of everything that has been bothering me and he says to me, “I think you have mistaken me for a family doctor. I only deal with one issue at a time.” Ummmm but my doctor sent me to you because of this list. I was about ready to bolt. I swore I wasn’t going to show “weakness” and cry, but I did. Finally he was like, okay give me the list and we went through it and when I tried to answer his questions he would tell me I wasn’t answering the questions properly and I should try again. I am so grateful I had my hubby with me. Anyway here is a quick list of my annoyances, numbness in face and back, sharp electrical pains in face, buzzing and vibration sensations throughout body, needing to pee a lot sometimes every 10 minutes, dizzyness, I will lose my balance for no reason at all, the vision in my right eye is crap even though I just got new lenses, I get sick in the heat, and I get a lot of muscle spasms or twitches and some that last days. He barely touched me. He only tested my reflexes and listened to my heart, that is it, no other neuro exams nothing. He is sending me for an mri to rule out aneurysm (I have a family history) and multiple sclerosis, but he made it very clear he thinks I am just tired and if I got more sleep I would be all better. I have been crying on and off since. Does that sound like it is just me being tired? Thanks for listening.

Jenny <3

Hi, I’m not sure what to say except i really feel for you my experience with neuro’s hasn’t been good either, its hard enough being unwell without being made to feel an idiot, I really hope you get some good advice this group is very supportive and there are people on here that have gone through similar and have come through it

Take care Michelle x

Thank you. <3 That means a lot.

A person who is worried about her health and is arrives for the dreaded consultation with the hospital specialist will tend to be feeling a bit vulnerable. He is in his element and the master of all he surveys. You are on alien territory and not sure what to expect and feeling anxious. That’s quite a power imbalance, and it is every kind of bad for the clinician to use his advantage to try to make the patient feel even more uncomfortable. I am sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience. Just imagine: some poor woman is probably married to him!

But never mind. You’ve got your MRI referral, and that’s probably a better outcome for you than a charming consultation with a George Clooney lookalike but no MRI.

I hope that today is a better day.



Hi Jenny,

I do wonder what these consultants are on sometimes? Who do they think they’re dealing with? I really feel for you.

Like a previous poster said, it’s good that you’ll have an MRI.

When I had a Thyroid problem, I had to see 4 ‘specialists’ until it was finally sorted.

Hope you’re feeling better today :slight_smile:


lol and plotting to kill him possibly :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)

seriously, I would get the MRI done but ask for another Neuro/second opinion. you don’t have to put up with a person like that


Haa haa, thanks for making me laugh. I am glad he ordered the mri and I have no plans on going back to see him and will be requesting another referral to someone else. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Lisa. :slight_smile: I do feel a little bit better today.