I posted here around a year or more ago, im so frustrated i dont know what else i can do.

For almost two years ive been having symptoms, I’ve been back n forth to my GP who has tried refering me to verious. Places but the hospital just wont or can’t find what is wrong, in desperation I’ve even googled my symptoms and it still comes up as possible MS, I was lead to a link by the NHS

Ver the last year the dizzy spells have now turned to full blown vertigo, I am experiencing the tingling / burning on my face a few times in the last few weeks at first I thought I was going down with shingles but nothing emerges and it eventually goes away but returnes weeks later, I have been experiencing cramp like sensations in my hands and legs and have been so tired after work. Over the last six months I have been experiencing a new symptom, “inside my body” it feels like my neck and tummy area are retracting like a spasm , at first I thought I was suffering from anxiety and my doctor gave me prozac, it has taken the edge off but it still occurs, not every day but most weeks. The vertigo, cramps and anxiety feelings are all new and increasing weekly.

I dont know what to do can anyone help please

Thank you

Hi, although I am not sure I can help you in any way, but when I see a post with no replies, I hate to think the poster feels unnoticed.

I have experienced your feelings of the neuros cant find whats wrong with me`. I was actualy wrongly diagnosed with PPMS for several years…hence my presence on this forum.

My current dx is; spastic paraparesis/cause unkown/could be genetic.

Have you been put on any meds to help your symtoms, other than prozac?

Maybe baclofen would help with the spasm like feelings?

Looking up symptoms on the internet can make our minds come up with all sorts of conditions and so we need to keep that in check…I am just as liable to click on stuff!

luv Pollx

Hi Babsuk,

Its not easy not knowing whats wrong when you know something is not right with your body and I can identify with you. I agree with Poll go back to your doctor and see what else is on offer meds wise as its a good start to have your symptoms helped even if you can not put a name to your condition.

good luck xx