Frustrated is just a word..

Hi, I haven’t been on here for a while so apologies if anyone gets offended by this. I will say it like is for me.

I have both bladder and bowel problems, catheters for the bladder and peridteen for the bowel.

1st Bowel

I have tried everything, suppositories, movicol and just about everything else and am now using peristeen. Is it common that after a bowel emptying using peristeen use you still have the sensation that there is something left in there that you can’y get out?

Overflow is also a problem, I try to empty my bowels normally and get small, thin, finger size bits out and then about an hour laterI have to get to the toilet quickly and the same again. I can’t go anywhere without the fear of having accidents. I use peristeen after and get large lumps out after the ‘overflow’ and as I feel that I am not empty I sit on the toilet for about an hour afterwards. Anyone have any ideas ?

2nd Bladder

I use catheters about 6 times a day and never drink after 9 in the evening but still wake up with the damp/wet feeling about 3 times a night. I use another catheter to drain the bladder, put on a new pair of pants and pajama bottoms. So in the morning there a 3 pair of pants and 3 pajama bottoms to wash.

Surely there must be a way to get help for this. My doctor has trid to get me on the Botox but the ‘money’ people say no. Maybe if the ‘money’ people had the same problem that would havemore sympathy.

Frustrated is a word, i’ve sone way past that word now.

Again I appologies for antything i’ve written that offends. Also my spelling could do with a refresher course.


hiya bill

good to see u around…

as u know i was using peristeen for about 18 months but i have deteriorated since we last spoke and have had to find a plan b (or is it t?!) now. i have no strength in right side and as u know u need 2 hands to operate peristeen. so after several months of experimenting i now take senna daily. but getting to know ur bowel takes several months-its not a quick fix and is not fixed by just taking tablets.

re peeing i use pads 24/7 for now

pm me if you want-i will try to help if i can.

take care, ellie x

Just 1 comment really, that should help…have you tired wearing incontinence pads in your nix at night?

I had to do the same, before I got my spc.

Your district nurse can do a prescription for pads for you, so you wont have to pay for them.

Yeh, the night pads are big…but so is the amount of wee that leaks out, as you already now hun!