Frustrated and confused- help please??!

Firstly may I thank you for the wonderful site. Thank you. I am 49 years of age and a single Mother to a 12 and 9 year old. I “lost” my husband to PICKS disease some 9 years ago. I have always been fit , active, healthy and hard working. I have a demanding job in the NHS. My story 18 months ago I started to scratch my right arm , (told this is nothing to do with the “problem” I think it is relevant) I could neither locate or relieve this terrible itch which moved around my arm! Then I woke up and was unable to move my right arm , the pain was horrendous and I literally could not turn off the alarm clock. Drove to work , in agony. (Feb 2010) Slight swelling at elbow and ended up with an emergency GP appointment - diagnosed with tendonitis and prescribed pain killers. :!: Over the next few weeks suffered agony unable to hold cutlery , peel veg and somewhow attended work. begining to feel increasingly exhausted and sleep was non-existant due to pain. Returned to GP, who said to continue with treatment. July 2010 - no better and returned to GP who agreed further investigation now necassary and sent for nerve conduction studies. I thought it was torture. Doctor who attended to studies thought I was a hypochondriac as NOTHING was wrong! :twisted: Reluctantly attended GP in August 2010 who sent me to see an orthapaedic specialist. He decided I was in agony and felt I had Some arthritis of the elbow Tennis elbow and a trapped Ulna nerve. By Nov 2010 things were a LITTLE better- but only for a matter of days. By Dec 2010 it was back. THEN in January 2011 I woke up and both arms were aching. Within days I had transient pain in the arms and intermittant pins and needles in the arms. This remains to date. I returned to the GP, and gues what? He sent me for nerve conduction studies - again :twisted: This time the same doctor definitley thought I was a hypochondriac as there was nothing wrong,and sent me away with a flea in my ear. Before I had the oppurtunity to return to my GP I litteraly went off my legs. I was in bed , unable to move , in terrific pain in all limbs ans spine , transient head-pain pins and needles and exhaustion that I can not decscribe. I had no choice but to call the doctor out!! This time I was diagnosed with Swine flu - and treated for the same, despite having received the vaccine and showing none of the associated “cold” symptoms. Once well - enough, about 2 weeks later, I returned to the GP to demand something was done. I was sent back to the Ortho Consultant and was so lucky to see his underling a colleaugue. Once I had overcome that embarrassment of knowing him quite well, he quickluy identified a problem and advised that he thought there was a seriouse neurological problem and that I needed to see a neuro not an ortho,I recall his words

I dont think its a brain tumour but I think you have MS

I was immediatly started on Gabapentin and sent for a C Spine MRI and just about every blood test imaginable After 2 weeks I returned to GP in order to see how I was getting on with the wait to see the neuro and because I could not cope with the medication. The GP could not look at me. No referal to a neuro had been made!!! He then suggested I went private as it was not in my interest to delay any longer!!! I agreed :o GP doubted it was MS as my eyes had not shown any difficulty! In the meantime the MRI showed nothing significant. All blood tests normal. Attended neuro (private) who said that I have Asymetric hyper- reflexia and Hoffmans sign present. He ordered MRI of brain which I had yesterday (results not known) and agreed there was a neorological problem! Also ordered Lymes disease test - just in case Started on Pregablin So here I am , dear friends in LIMBO-LAND! I think it probably is MS , but with a clear C Spine MRI maybe not . Any help , ideas and thoughts are so welcome . I feel so alone. Warm regards to you all and thanks Lenin