A bit lost

Everyone, I suppose I’ll start at the beginning, last year I’d a few problems with my hands feeling swollen/stiff and couldn’t get my cards from my purse a few times, but it came and went and I thought no more of it. Fast forward about 6months and I started to feel the same again, it seemed to linger this time, I contacted gp who said just to keep and eye on it, a few weeks later I started to get tingling in my hands then up my arms, gp said it was maybe carpal tunnel (I also had a wide range of bloods to rule out other things) I then started to get tingling in left side of face and in both legs and feet but mostly the left side. After more bloods and a visit to the gp hes referred me to a neurologist and said he suspects Ms. Since then I’ve seen the optician and she said there’s definitely a few things she’s noted to pass on to my neurologist but it could be nothing. I just don’t really know what to do with myself; I feel abit lost. I’ve had the oddest electric shock type pains in my arm aching limbs, I feel like such a moan but I just feel like I dont know my own body or have any idea whats going on. Does this sound like ms to any of you on here? Its not something I know a whole lot about

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Hello Patch

Well, it could be MS. Then again, it could be something else. The problem is that there are many diagnoses that sometimes look like MS, even dress like MS, pretend they are MS, but aren’t. (The cheating lying things!)

Until you have seen the neurologist, had an examination, then maybe had some tests (MRI especially), and results (phew - some time might go by…), you will be stuck in the land we (hate to but it’s appropriate) call limbo.

Regardless, we are all welcoming in this place. When you are worried, scared, wondering, just needing someone, we’ll be here.


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Thank you sue, ive an appointment with neurologist in less than four weeks so will hopefully know a bit more then. Limbo is right, suppose its just a waiting game now. Xx

I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time. It is good that your GP is on the ball and has referred you: that really is an important step towards finding out what is wrong. If you feel a bit lost, I’m not surprised - worries about health are very disorientating, and addin the weird things that are happening to you physically and it’s no wonder ifk it feels rather bizarre and unreal. I hope that you will soon be on the way to finding out what causing your difficulties. You have set the process in motion, and now it’s just a waiting game, I’m afraid.

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Hi Alison, thank you so much for your reply. Its really nice talking to people that have unfortunately been through this themselves. X

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