Hi all, I am recovering slowly but steadily from my 1st relapse which was caused by a virus and I am after a bit of advice. When I was 1st diagnosed my nurse told me I should not be around anyone who had the flu until they had been better for at least a week, does this apply to all illnessess as my wonderful parents came over today to see how I was doing and then told me my dad had a sickness bug on Sunday. I am now worried if I or my family get it it will set me back and I just so want to be better as my childrens christmas plays are coming up in a few weeks time and I really want to be well enough to go and see them. I am sure I am being paranoid but I did go and disinfect the room they were in with disinfectant spray just in case. Thanks for reading x

Hi Hopefull,

The simple solution to the flu’ thing is to get yourself a flu’ jab in future. All people with MS should be entitled to it for free on the NHS, as it’s recommended for us. Even if you don’t have a confirmed diagnosis yet (sorry, I can’t remember), “a neurological problem” may well qualify, as the recommendation extends to all chronic neurological problems - not just MS.

As for other illnesses - well, in an ideal world, it is better for us not to have them, BUT you need to balance this with the demands - and pleasures - of a normal life! It is simply not practical to avoid anyone and everyone who may recently have been ill. You would never leave the house! When you are in a shop, surrounded by strangers, do you know which of them has recently been ill, or which are ill now? Are you just going to stop going into shops?

Respiratory infections like colds and flu’ are more likely than other types of infection to trigger a relapse. But this certainly does not mean they ALWAYS cause a relapse. Most illnesses will obviously make you feel rough while you have them, and could make the MS symptoms temporarily worse, but will NOT cause any change in the overall course of the disease.

I think you need to take the middle path here, and not let fear of infection stop you doing “normal” things, that everyone else enjoys. It’s an ordinary hazard of life - if you stop going places or seeing people because of it, your quality of life will be diminished. You may think you are protecting yourself from further setbacks, but in fact, you’d be living as if already more disabled than you are, by reducing ordinary social interaction. Try not to let life be dominated by fear of aggravating your MS. You want to enjoy yourself as much as possible, and your family still to enjoy themselves. Not to live in a state of permanent quarantine.



Thanks Tina for your wonderful message. I really needed a pep talk and I feel better for it I am glad your saw my post and replied just when I needed it. Many thanks x