Free of all opiate meds after 20 years!

I was diagnosed with rrms in 1998, and the year after was prescribed Oxycontin to manage the pain. In 2012 I was blue lighted into hospital, where I was kept for 10 days, as the medication had caused constipation to compact my gut. I saw a pain consultant who changed my meds to fentanyl patches, with shortec capsules for breakthrough pain. Although this improved things I still felt sluggish. In April 2018 I was talking to my gp about stopping both of the pain meds. Together we talked about reducing the dose as recommended, and, happily, 10 months later, I am free from these pain meds. Best wishes to all


Well done Robert, that’s a flipping difficult thing to do. Fighting through the pain as you slowly come off the drugs. I hope you’re feeling OK and not suffering without the drugs. Really it’s quite an irresponsible thing to do, to leave someone taking opiates for so long. Presumably now you have a clearer head and are more sorted emotionally.