Worried about medication

Hi, I feel so helpless. I was diagnosed in 1998, and have had strong pain around my abdomen area constantly. Since 2001 I have gone from Oxycontin 10mg tablets to presently using Fentanyl patches 75mcg/hour. For 18 months these were great, but just recently I have been having bad withdrawal symptoms after 60 hours (roughly), whereas the patches are designed to work for 72 hours. I have Oxy-norm capsules 10mg, for breakthrough pain, but these too seem to be losing their effectiveness. I have seen my GP and he has suggested Fentanyl patches of 50mcg/hr with Zomorph 30mg capsule twice a day for 6 days and then 25mcg/hr patches with Zomorph 30mg capsule x2 twice a day for 6 days. If there is anyone reading this that has had similar experience I would really like to hear how you got on. I worry about what happens if this new treatment becomes less effective. Please help! Thanks

The pain could be the MS Hug - are you on any dmd’s [disease modifying drugs]. l can’t take these as l have SPMS - but l do take LDN. Which has helped me with pain - especially trigeminal neuralgia - which stopped as soon as l started onLDN.

Anyway - l shall bump up your post and hope that someone will know about the meds you are taking.