Frankie - TV - tonight

Hiya all

Just to let you know that the district nurse series on BBC1, Frankie, has her dealing with a MS patient.

I wonder how this is going to play out?

9pm tonight (Tuesday) or good old I Player I suppose.


i will be watching,i love ‘frankie’

jaki xx

i usually watch it but missed it last night.

hurray for catch up

carole x

Carole, it’s on BBC1 at 9pm tonight.

Be warned everyone… chances are they’ll show worst-case scenario of MS.

Pat x

Hi Carole

No you haven’t missed it yet. Awww, I don’t know, Carole, let’s blame the MS beast eh?

Or was it such a good night last night. LOL!


I watched the first episode of Frankie and had a total panic attack.

It showed what I fear as I get less mobile and need more care. I didn’t want to see quite how bad it might get for me.

On a bad day I see myself being on my own, housebound or abandoned in a grotty nursing home.

I haven’t watched the rest of the series and daren’t watch the one tonight! My depression is getting better, but nowhere near better enough for me to cope with a lot of things!

MS made an appearance on Holby City tonight. They are very clever, those surgeons. They can virtually diagnose MS really easily!

The surgeon didn’t actually diagnose the patient, just flag it up as a probable cause of her symptoms. The patient then told him that her GP had already sent her for tests which did lead to the diagnosis.

Actually, I first saw a sugeon, because my GP assumed I had a slipped disc. When the MRI results came back, there was very clearly no slipped disc, or anything he could operate on, but I think he knew very well what we were dealing with, because he straight away wanted to refer me to a colleague, who just happened to be…an MS specialist. He didn’t say anything to me at the time, and I realise he wouldn’t have been qualified to diagnose anyway. But looking back, I’m quite sure he knew. If he hadn’t been quite so on-the-ball, and latched onto something that wasn’t strictly his field, I think there’s a real possibility I might still be undiagnosed today. I never did see what the referral letter said, but I assume it would have been along the lines of: “I think she’s one of yours!” Tina


  1. His girlfriend isn’t sure if he’s had a relapse recently. Wow. Must have very mild relapses.

  2. He missed his regular MRI appointment… so they booked him in for one the next day!

  3. He’s missed his regular appointments with his MS nurse. Goodness me… haven’t had an appointment with mine for 4 years.

  4. When he has a fatigue meltdown he calls the district nurse and she goes straight to him on a grassy hill somewhere.

  5. He then gets immediate appointment with his GP who gives him DMD’s on the spot.

Wow… we all need to move to where Frankie is.

Oh hang on. It’s fiction.

NOTHING like having MS in the real world in the UK in 2013.

Pat x

lol pat,

i thought the same things as you and im still only in limbo! Misrepresentation or what?


I enjoyed it…and I must be a lucky one because the nursing depicted pretty matches my experiences so far. My MRI was done the very next day after my GP saw me, I see my hospital MS nurse every couple of weeks and my community MS nurse is available when and where I need her. I accept that I must be the exception to the rule and cannot praise Northumberland and Newcastle NHS more.

Gosh MrsH I envy you. We have nothing like that in London.

Usually have to wait 2 weeks to see a GP (unless urgent but even then it’s not easy). Never even heard of a community MS nurse. Only once had an appointment with hospital MS nurse, 4 years ago.

Last time I went to see GP practice nurse for annual check (blood tests etc) she asked me what was the matter with my legs! Looked quite surprised when I said I have MS.

Well then I suppose Frankie did show how it is in some parts of the country… and what a ‘postcode lottery’ we all live in.

Pat x

That’s terrible, Pat but I do appreciate that I am lucky up here. As an aside, MrH rang for a GP appointment at 2pm one afternoon last week and got an appointment at 4.15pm !! I’m sure it must ave been a cancellation but even so we can usually gat an appointment within a week. Catherine x

I must admit, my gp is really good, they dont operate using an appointment service, you ring in am they give you app for same day for everything! why they all cant do that i dont know? i suppose it is only a villiage surgery. even so im the only friend/collegue with this system. x

My GP faxed the hospital requesting an urgent MRI when I had my first symptoms as they resembled stroke symptoms. A whole week later the hospital wrote to me with an appointment to see a neurologist (not even for the MRI) for a further 6 weeks away!!! I then presented myself at A&E at my wits’ end, and at my GP’s suggestion, and was hospitalised for a further 5 days until they managed to find me an MRI slot. I’m not quite sure what (or who!) you’d have to do to get an MRI the next day at my local hospital ;-).

Mrs H - you are truly lucky to get such fantastic service and you had better stay put 'cos it’s definitely not the norm for many areas :slight_smile:

Tracey x

Hi, what annoyed me was the way the man with MS said he didnt want an MRI, or meds, or to see his MS nurse.

He was badgered into seeing someone. District nurse was doing more than her normal remit requires…yeh, it was amazing the way she magically tunred up to rescue the man when hed fallen. But a couple of weeks ago, she attended a woman having a now shes a midwife too!

I love the prog and her character, but we have to remember …it is fiction!

It`s like Doctors, on BBC lunchtime ish. They always get things sorted the same day…huh, as if, eh?

luv Pollx

I agree it was pretty unrealistic the way he got immediate MRI - I think most of us would be made to wait with a slap on the wrist if we didn’t turn up for an MRI that was booked without a jolly good excuse. I do like Frankie though, she reminds me of my fab community MS nurse Judith - she really is always there, the same day if I need her (although that doesn’t extend to house calls but she can usually arrange those within a week!) Yes I know I am very lucky - maybe cause I live in a rural area?

On a slightly related note when I went to see my GP today about a phased return to work he said he was concerned I was still in a wheelchair and said “you should use it or lose it” I replied that I had already lost it if he’d just check his notes (does the man know nothing of what MS is?) and was pretty sure I was already using what I still had with my wheelchair basketball. Honestly … you’ve got to laugh or you’d start throwing things eh?

Watching Holby, I guessed the diagnosis before they did! I guess that’s partly from being recently diagnosed and partly because the patient was having the kind of accidents that I’ve been dreading for months! Luckily, I’ve only had one bad fall BUT I was pretty conviced I was eventually going to demolish the glass shower screen when rinsing my hair as I’d get so wobbly… tons better now that I know not to have a hot bath first

My surgery is usually pretty good but when I mentioned the difficulties walking, I got an extra blood test ordered (B12) with no explanation. I was referred by my surgery to the spinal unit only after my osteopath wrote to my doctor suggesting I needed an MRI!


I didn’t watch the shows on Tuesday however my manager did, so when I went to work yesterday she was very sympathetic and said it was quite sad with the guy on the mountain or something when the fatigue hit. She said that the character just couldn’t move to which I replied “that’s exactly how it affects me when it hits” (although I obviously don’t climb mountains every day hahaha). She said “yeah but he just couldn’t move” and I repeated “exactly - that’s how it affects me - I’m bedbound for 3 days when it hits”.

Now I know as well as my fellow MSers know that dramas on TV exaggerate medical stuff, otherwise they would be a bit boring, however it highlights to those people who don’t understand MS, don’t know someone with MS or what the symptoms can be and how quickly they can hit.

I was very lucky when I got my dx following symptoms last June - GP referred me to neuro within a week, neuro requested urgent MRI and got one within 2 days, back at the neuro 5 days later and received diagnosis, was then referred to MS Specialist neuro in London and received DMD’s April this year.

Take care

Pen xx

Diagnosed 31yrs ago - after LP - then MRI - both done privately. Since then l have never had another MRI - and as for a MS Nurse - never seen one. They are as rare as ‘Hens Teeth’ or ‘Rocking Horse Poo’ in this part of the country.