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Is anyone else watching 24 hours in A & E on 4, really upsetting, that poor man x

Yes I’m watching it. So cruel and heartbreaking.

Life is very cruel indeed :frowning: x

I am watching it too. Was only dx in january of this year. My 14 year old is watching it with me and asked if I will end up like that poor man. I said no and said he was dx very young and has an aggressive form. But… deep down it has really scared me seeing this. Please can anyone make me feel a little comforted. This wicked disease is so cruel bless him. Xx

watched it also and found myself wondering what’s in front of me but was glad to see him pull through and get home.

this certainly is a horrible disease to cope with but hopefully with a will as strong as he had we’ll be ok




Yes, I also watched it and found it very upsetting and feel really worried now. I think the not rescusitating and not offering dialysis really shocked me too

So pleased he was able to go home x

Made my blood run cold. :frowning: This is the small percentage of us MS suffering ever get too. Well that’s what I am holding on to.

I’ve not seen it yet is it a bad one? The show always makes me cry, but I’m guessing this one is a little closer to home?? Did any of you see the one with the young lad who was an alcoholic?? That comment his dad made made my blood boil!

I work for social services and have only ever come across one person with this type of aggressive form and there are a far few with m.s who we support. Likr the guy on the programme the person I know of was diagnosed in his twenties … very sporty and active. Within a year he was bed bound abd could do very little. I am posting this as an indication this is a rare situation as far as I have seen. None the less it’s scary stuff. Im sure they used to have another term for aggressive m.s but I can’t remember what it was. Anyway let’s keep our chins up and try not let this worry us too much as we all know that’s not good for us either xxx

Just watched it. Sad and scary stuff xx

for anyone with ms this was a very scary thing to see,we have to put it into perspective because this very aggressive type,like the poor young man has,is actually quite rare,i think its something like 5% of people who have ms,will have this type,it broke my heart to see him,but i was so relieved when he pulled through,but i thought he wasnt going to.

I’m glad he pulled through it really upset me. I’m 26 it’s quite worrying for the future but like you’ve said it’s a rarity x

Really heartbreaking, poor soul.

Really heartbreaking, poor soul.

Ive just watched it a short time ago and it made me feel very humble and put what i was suffering down to the bottom of a very big ladder.

His mum was so devoted to him she made me cry, and when they told her they were putting a dnr on him in front of him i was so angry it was obvious he could still hear, imagine listening to that when you cant communicate.

Im so happy that he pulled through and is home again with his family.


On the other side of things he could have been listening to what was being said and it could have given him the strength to carry on and fight. It was hard watching but also I wondered what he must have been thinking through everything - wondering if he had just had enough and didn’t want to carry on anymore or if he wasn’t willing to give up and I think it was the latter as he kept fighting. Tricky subject but this is where I agree with euthanasia in certain cases

Oh I missed a bit of the programme while washing up so I didn’t realise the poor guy had MS :frowning: It was hard to watch, his mother was so brave and loving, glad he got home.

I felt so sorry for his mum. If I were in his situation I think I would have happily slipped away at that point. I thought it was interesting though that his speech came back when they had cleared the infections so it does just prove that we shouldn’t just put everything down to MS even if it’s very progressive. His mum had said his speech had suddenly just gone but I wonder if that may have been an early indication that he had an infection before any other symptoms, like raised temperature, showed up?

It was very upsetting but we must hold to the thought that it is a tiny percentage of MSers who go downhill so fast. It’s far better to live for the moment and appreciate what we can still do. I try to never dwell on what I was able to do in the past nor second guess my future; it’s way too maudlin.

Tracey x

It was very upsetting. He is the same age as me and I’m so lucky to be still relatively healthy. I also got quite annoyed when they discussed the DNR in front of him. His body might be failing but he knew and could understand what was going on and it should have been said to HIM not to his mum.

I watched it this morning, I set my recorder for interesting programmes, it made me cry, what a wonderful mum and what a cruel disease MS is. I know of a woman in a similar position, her husband was like Mark, couldn’t speak or move very much at all. The couple were quite upset that the medics did not want to resussitate and had to contradict the medical staff several times, he recovered and was sent home many times over a 2 year period. He has since passed away but I do think it should be up to the person themselves and their relatives, I have definitely changed my mind on this issue; having come across real people in these situations.

Wendy x