Frankie - TV - tonight

Forgot to say - How much l have enjoyed the Frankie series. But l hope the viewers are not expecting ms sufferers to be jogging for miles. This did misrepresent us with ms. lf he could manage to do that then he should have been working.

Have been watching ‘Dates’ - Tuesday/Wednesday evenings ltv. lts a good drama. Very well acted.

I think it’s a tough one. If they show someone with MS as being completely bedbound and unable to do anything, it’s annoying and very scary for many MSers. On other hand if they show someone jogging and seemingly without symptoms, it’s difficult for all of us who are struggling.

But really one little bit of dialogue would solve the problem “MS is different for everyone… no two people have the same symptoms”.

I have also enjoyed Frankie and I suppose at least they tried to show the difficulties of being newly dx.

Wish I could dance like Frankie!

Pat x

Hi Pat

I agree - these dramas shouldn’t put MSers in the same boat as we all know our symptoms will differ from the next sufferer, but unfortunately and as I have found out from personal experience non-MSers don’t (it’s the classic “well you look like there’s nothing wrong with you” comment).

Spacejacket - once I was referred to the MS Specialist neuro he demanded even more MRI’s, VEP’s, blood tests and the dreaded LP - I’ll never forgive him for that request!!! My confirmed dx by him eventually was December 2012.

May have to watch these dramas using sky on demand tv now to see what all the fuss was about hahahaha.

Take care

Pen xx

I’m a regular Frankie fan… And I agree with all the comments made about the episode so far but want to add another one… The side effects of the DMDs!!! Cracked me up. Impotence is no laughing matter I know but isn’t that usually a symptom of the MS and not a side effect of the DMD? And tired and irritable. What about the flu symptoms??? Or injection site reactions???

But I did like the way less scientific and unproven “treatments” such as him having his mercury fillings removed was gently shown to be ineffectual and pointless.

I am also one of the lucky ones. I get an appointent the same day with my GP without fail and can speak to my MS Nurse on her mobile whenever I need to (not that I do all that often.) And if I need an urgent appointment with my neuro my MS Nurse will squeeze me into that week’s clinic.