Forum Problems?

Is anyone else finding the cursor is moving about randomly, when they try to create or edit a post - especially if they need to backspace over something?

I’ve just given up on a long reply to somebody, because not once, but three or four times, simple backspace to correct a typo seemed to jump me back to the previous paragraph, and start deleting that.

I can’t tell if this is some new damn MS problem, with hand-eye coordination, or if the edit window really is pitching me to some place I don’t want to go, when I try to delete something.

If it had been once, I’d think it was me, but it’s happening a lot now. As I say, enough to make me give up a long post I’d just put a lot of work into.


i wrote a very long message last night in private messages, pressed send and it only sent the first 3 lines :frowning: maybe there was a glitch at some point affecting the system…very frustrating though x

What kind of mouse do you use?


I’m using the trackpad (I think it’s called that) - not a mouse at all.

Not noticing it on other forums, but on here, the cursor leaps about like a demented frog!

The only common theme I’ve noticed is it’s particularly when backspacing - which I have to do a lot, as I make quite a few typos. The cursor frequently ends up nowhere near the word I’m trying to correct, but seems to leap up a line, into the previous paragraph, and I find I’ve accidentally deleted part of that - very annoying if it was already as I wanted.

It’s almost as if “backspace” did “move up one line and delete” instead of just “delete”.


It has to be the forum. For the last few days I’ve been typing only to discover part of what I’d written was deleted quite similar to what you’re desrcibing. I think for once this isn’t down to your MS (either that or there’s spomething going wrong with both of us!).



Thanks for the reassurance, Reemz!

When random things start playing up, I’m never sure if it’s my hardware or software (i.e. the ones in my head!) these days, or something up with the forum I’m using. This place does a very good job of persuading me my MS just got dramatically worse, some days - but wouldn’t I notice it everywhere I go, in that case? I do use other forums too, and don’t usually find I’ve just deleted half my post without meaning to.



I asked about the mouse because I often get a similar problem and sometimes pages completely disappear. I use a wireless mouse which I realised was moving tiny distances if I lay it on the sofa while I’m typing - no problems when I’m holding it.

My mouse goes crazy when its running low on battery power. Not noticed any problem writing replies though? Hope its soon fixed.



Hi Tina

PM sent to do a test.
No problems with backspacing on a desktop machine.

If you are using a laptop with a touchpad, is any part of your left thumb/hand touching the touchpad.
I had very similar experiences to you when using an IBM T42 laptop (touchpad, two sets of mouse buttons, tiny joystick set in middle of keyboard), but this does not happen to me with an Apple TiBook (which has much bigger palmrest spaces).
I don’t get problems with the IBM when using a wired mouse. Cannot speak to the wireless mouse issue (got one, never use it)



I can’t replicate it on request, either. I don’t know how/why it happens, but feel pretty confident it’s specific to this forum, as I type in lots of other places, including other forums, Word documents, e-mail etc, but the problem is not following me there. If I manage to narrow it further to exactly what I’m doing when it happens, I will post more, but it always happens so quickly, it’s hard to tell what happened. By the time I’ve realised, it’s already history. The only consistent factor is I do think it has something to do with when I try to edit/correct something, and not just straight typing. Unfortunately, I’m always needing to edit and correct things (though some still make it through to the final cut). If I could make it all the way to the end of the post, without having to correct anything, I suspect it wouldn’t happen at all. T.

I hate trackpads - I always plug in a mouse on my work laptop as I got the problems you describe when I first started using a laptop. I pluged in a mouse, but didn’t disable the trackpad. I can’t cope with trackpads at all!

OK. I’ve just posted a comment on another thread. The blinkin’ thing was behaving pretty much as you described.

I thought I was just having a bad typing day. Which I was, but the mad curor thing wasn’t helping!

If it had been just once or twice - or had happened anywhere else but here, I’d be convinced it was me (or my laptop) having a brainstorm. But it’s a funny coincidence it only being here.

Still, things could be worse.

My mum’s new to e-mail, and I’ve just got only the second one ever from her.

At the end, she apologises for the earlier mistakes, because apparently she does not know how to move the cursor to alter anything (I think last time she typed, they didn’t even have Tipp-ex), so if she makes a mistake, it has to stay there!

She learning all the wrong way round, because she’s graduated to e-mail without learning to master the cursor first. I suppose if she makes a really bad mistake, she has to throw away the whole e-mail, because she doesn’t know how to fix it.