Forum down

Hi all,

Warmest wishes for the new year.

As you are probably aware the forum was down on the evening of 31st Dec and part of Jan 1st, New Year’s Day.

Please accept our absolute, sincerest apologies.

Due to the bank holiday this took much longer than expected to be resolved.

We feel terrible.

Best wishes

Steph (admin)

Happy new year Steph

its back on now and weve all survived,

so please dont feel terrible, these things happen.

J x

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Don’t worry Steph. These things happen. I didn’t expect it to come back on until Monday so you got it on very quickly. Thank you!

Happy New Year,

Pat xx

Happy new year x

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Well done Steph I have had all sorts of trouble with my computer so I thought it was me.

Well done and Happy New Year


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I thought it was something I’d done too but I’m very pleased it’s all up and running again. Thank you and happy New year.


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