Forum down

Hi all,

Warmest wishes for the new year.

As you are probably aware the forum was down on the evening of 31st Dec and part of Jan 1st, New Year’s Day.

Please accept our absolute, sincerest apologies.

Due to the bank holiday this took much longer than expected to be resolved.

We feel terrible.

Best wishes

Steph (admin)

don’t feel terrible, it was your new year too.

have a good one

carole x

Don’t feel bad Steph. I only swore twice.

Happy New Year.

Shazzie xx

Only twice Shazzie!!! I suppose two occasions of 15 expletives at a time could be called twice!!! Happy new year xx

I think I might have won on the swearing front

Steph (admin)

LOL!!! Perhaps I should have said two paragraphs of swearing. Glad we are back on anyway.


Don’t worry Steph! Most of us were too drunk to notice!!

Happy New Year to everyone.


I took my tree and other decs down, so thank you

Jan x

And l thought it was my computer that was at fault.

I thought it was my computer too! Belated Happy New Year everyone!