Forcing yourself to do things?

I don’t know if is my MS, Depression or Rhinitus or a combination of all 3 but some days I need to force myself to the simplest of things such as making lunch, or leaving the house.

Does anybody else feel this way at times?

My husband has MS and he will say that if he waits until he feels OK he would never do anything, so he does force himself to do some things. I think that sometimes you do feel better for getting out and about if you are able. Of course it does not work all the time and there are times when it is too much. It is trying to strike that balance, which I know is so hard to do.

But we only have one life so it is important to make the most of it.

I think depression is an issue, and lifting your mood can be done by the simpliest of things. I wonder if you have an MS nurse who you could talk things through with? Or your local MS group? There might be someone there who you can relate to.

But dont give up, do what you can.

Best wishes


Yup, certainly do with this fatigue malarkey - that I blame it on. Oh and being housebound is a bit of an issue to get out as well unless I someone to help me.

You won’t be alone in this.


Hey Bonnie

I have to wait until September before my 1st appoinment with an MS nurse, there are only 2 in near where I live so I can understand the wait. I try to keep myself busy volunteering in a childrens nursery local blind group and youth group for children with SEN which I love doing and that keeps me going. I due to try and find out about volunteering with a local deaf group next week so I seem to be keeping busy during the week but then have nothing to do at the weekend get very bored and lonely.

Yep, me today. The fatigue has landed and boy in a big way. Im so tired I cannot sleep, cannot rest for long, yet cannot do anything and feel every effort is using up more energy, dont even want to go to the loo!

Feeling like a wet dishcloth doesnt do much for our ‘looking fine’ does it.

You are not alone, we know how you feel and send lots of ((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) in the hope sharing is caring and letting you know we hold hands in friendship.



oh yes, me too!

i was always busy. loved my job - busy!

loved (still do) my family - busy!

calling at supermarket on way home from work and multi-tasking my arse off.

but now i force myself each and every day. but what else is there? no options. i forced myself to go out and get drunk on tuesday so wednesday i could be lazy and blame it on a hangover. i love that excuse!

don’t beat yourself up jon. if it wasnt for this ms we’d all be running around like headless chickens.

carole x

At times ? All the time.I live alone,do everything for myself,and if I don’t make the effort to get out of my flat I wouldn’t see or speak to another soul.And that’s the way the mop flops.I’m pretty well payed,so actually regard going out on ‘Big Bug’ as my full time job.

The 20 page dissertation I’ve just filled out for the DWP was a hoot,and actually brought everything into sharper focus.Wonder if they’ll call me to the ‘Face to Face’ ? Hope so


Every day all Bliiday. You have my sympathy on that one Jon. Sorry my keyboard doesnt like this site when it comes to commas. and astrix.

Welcome back Lord Graf.A pleasure even if it may be fleeting


I agree, somedays I’m sure if I didn’t have to get up to get the kids up and about I would give up on everything. I’ve always been really busy, even when I had MS but in the past 12 months its progressed and even getting up in the morning is an effort. I’ve just commited myself to a trial back at work, but not overly confident its going to work. I know some things are affected because money has been seriously tight for us so I have to think about everything I do. There are only so many days you can take the kids to the park! This week my big ones are with their dad, my husband (I love writing that, 11 days we’ve been married) is at work until thursday morning, so its just me and the baby and she is running rings around me already, I’m going to have to resort to the electronic nanny in a minute so I can get in the bath in peace. Then that will be all my energy used up for an hour at least. We had accepted an offer on our house so that I could move with him into housing provided by his work (at the moment he stays there when he is on shift and I stay here), but our buyer hasn’t pulled out but has put things on hold as he is having trouble getting his mortgage together. Everything is massively up in the air, don’t know where we are going to be living next month, or where the kids will go to school. No wonder its difficult to get motivated.

Oh yeh…in many ways. Folk here often tell me I am always positive, cheerful and a good support…but just now I feel I am struggling to find the oomph needed to get thru each day.

Probably a combo of warmer weather (it knackers me), daughter 1 has a broken foot, daughter 2 is going thru divorce, sis in law just had brain tumour removed, hubbys trying to quit the fags again, what else? Oh yeh, I cant go…6 days now, despite extra movicol, senna and prune juice.

Apart from all that, my LP is imminent and the last one was horrendous. If they still can`t dx me, I am going for genetic testing.

Fab, innit?

Hope I haven`t depressed you further.

luv Pollx