For tomorrows school run.......

I’m going to take a large bottle of vodka with me and wave it at everyone! My balance is not great at the moment and if one more person says oh are you drunk then laughs hysterically I won’t be responsible for my actions!!! Maybe I should say no but I am stoned lol

Oh Nikki I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time. It just highlights the complete lack of awareness in the public about neuro conditions. I’d probably react in a similar fashion and so no but if if you’ve got any going I’ll have some!

Hang in there.X

To be honest it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. When I was diagnosed with epilepsy a lot of the snooty parents assumed it was due to drunk driving. Mmm thinking about it I seem to have a bit of a reputation where alcohol is concerned lol It annoys me more when they laugh and think its a great joke. Must be nice to have nothing else to do but gossip about other people.

I’ve had people tut and shake their heads at me in the street. It’s plain old ignorance Nikki. That and the fact that they clearly have nothing better to do with their lives - which frankly is rather sad!

If it’s the same faces taking the pee out of you then I’d be inclined to make them look a bit of a fool if it were me…it doesn’t help matters but it’d sure make you feel a bit better…but then that’s the cruel side of me coming out…which is a rarity.

Now, where is that booze…I wouldn’t mind some myself!!

Debbie xx

Haha!! I love the ‘waving a Voddy bottle around’ idea! That’s hilarious! You have given me something to smile about today :slight_smile:

I would love to get something like that printed on a T.shirt. I’ve been falling into doorframes a few times recently. Thankfully only my kids witnessed, hehe.

Have decided I will do all future school runs dressed as patsy from absolutely fabulous :smiley: Bolly anyone lol Xx

Appropriately or not this has made me laugh and I now have a big grin on my face!!


Haha!! Even funnier!! :smiley:

I love Patsy. I didn’t go much on the series as a whole but loved the character of Patsy. Just hilarious!

I think you should go with the beehive hairstyle, dark glasses, fag hanging out of side of mouth with half empty bottle of gin and saying loudly in posh voice, “Oh bloody Hell Eddie, where are you!!??” teehee

I will look FABULOUS darrrrrrrling

nic you can join my drunk club, I am sick to death of people judging me because of my balance problems a stck doesn’t help, I am awaiting urgent physio ref from neurologist so far this urgent ref has been 8 weeks???! duh I work at the bloody hospital! anyway I am walking into almost everything and have decided to be drunk and proud or wear tshirt saying I’m NOT drunk I have ??? ms. I wobble even when standing still. I keep trying to think of sarcastic things to say but I’m so angry at mow I would probably just mouth off. wish I could say something to make it better but I’m in same boat. enjoy your vodka run I will be doing same so we can think of each other xxxx

How about a T.shirt that says ‘Drunk and Disorderly’ but with the ‘orderly’ bit crossed out and ‘abled’ written underneath it?

pahaha :slight_smile:

This is actually genius!

Hehe, I have mentally designed loads of T.shirts for Tourette’s syndrome over the years. You wouldn’t believe the ignorance surrounding TS! Actually you probably would, just like ignorance about any condition really, but it does annoy me just how TS is the butt of so many badly thought-out, lazy jokes. TS just seems to be the most ridiculed condition there ever was. :confused:

I am all for humour as a coping tool, believe me, you need it when you have a bizarre condition like TS, but I do hate lazy jokes. A carefully crafted, educated joke can be just what you need sometimes though, to help see the brighter side.

My youngest son has ADHD and mild TS and does not cope well with kids picking on him at school. I have tried to arm him with humour but at 12 years old it is often hard to see the funny side, especially as he is so overly emotional and easily hurt. He lashes out and then gets in trouble. He is starting to learn other ways, slowly. He is still young yet though.

I did buy a T.shirt years ago that could be worn for many different conditions but it seemed to be very fitting for me at the time.

It read across the front ‘Keep staring…I might do a trick!’

hehe, I thought it was fab!