for crying out loud :(

hi everybody, hope you're all as well as can be happy2


I've just popped in to offload, so apologies in advance for whinging. On top of being recently diagnosed, nothing (and I mean nothing) seems to be going my way. But the proverbial straw has broken this camel today.

I've returned to work in the last 3 weeks only to have my driving licence revoked with effect from today. When completing the dvla health questionnaire last month I honestly, and in retrospect very naively, mentioned that I was on amitriptyline, once a day and it made me feel drowsy. But despite the fact I was only taking 10 mg at night, and stopped taking it about 3 weeks ago, the dvla have seen fit to revoke my licence.

Like many I rely on my car for work and now have to go through an appeal process before I can legally drive!!!

My doctor has refused to send a letter of support to the dvla (as this is apparently not procedure) and instead told me to reapply..... this could take weeks. Going to get on to the dvla first thing tomorrow to plead my case but have that certain dread that I am now caught up in a system that will take forever to battle to achieve a positive outcome.

I feel like I am being penalised for doing the right thing, I constantly feel that I go out of my way to 'do the right thing', get on best I can and never expect anything. Honesty, on this occasion, was not the best policy...... whinge over, thankyou for reading xxxx 



Hey Kirstie! You’re not whinging you were just trying to do the right thing.

You must be really fed up to say the least.

Feel free to offload on here as often as you need to.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Teresa xx

Hi, am new on this site and newly diagnosed. Got to do the DVLA stuff but fortunately the only things taking is brufen and paracetamol but wish you well!



Wish I could offer more! I hope the DVLA see sense and change the decision quickly.


Karen x

oh no, thats your worst nightmare it takes away your independence and makes you trapped at home just when you really need to be able to get out and take your mind of everything. Hope you manage to get it sorted quickly. moan all you like thats what we are here for. Certainly a good warning to the rest of us to be more specific on forms that we have to complete!



Whilst you’re waiting for the DVLA to make up their mind contact ‘Access to Work’ who can arrange taxis to and from work; you only pay the equivalent bus fare.  you do not need to be diagnosed.




Kirsty I know how you feel, wasn't allowed to drive from July to September and felt like a prisoner in my own home. Appeal asap!

Good luck. Will you let us know how you get on?


That's certainly a fair thing to whinge about - really rotten outcome for trying to just do the right thing.

This type of thing is one of the reasons I'm keeping my diagnosis under wraps as much as possible - it may even be that my consultant was trying to do me a favour by putting it down as being benign, as after 7 months of symptoms it seems an odd call.

Hope you get your licence back real soon Kirstie.

Best wishes,

Mr Sensible

Hi, what a bummer for you, eh?

As you took the ami at night, it made you drowsy and so helped you sleep. Did it make you groggy in the mornings?

If it did, then driving could be a bit iffy...but if problem.

But you shot yourself in the foot for just being trouble too sometimes!

Good luck with the appeal.

luv Pollx

Hi kirstie,  I have also had problems with the DVLA recently with the length of time to update things on my licence.   What I don't understand  is why your doctor did not send a letter of support as mine,  and specialist were perfectly willing to do this.   We probably all know that some days driving is not possible unless we have hand controls,  but  I'm sure none of us drive when we're not physically able. Driving is something that is immensely important to those of us that do, be it for work,  seeing family and friends,  going to important meetings etc,  etc.   It seems your doctor is not a supportive one and I myself would change (but that's me).  There are boy racers and drunks on the road that shouldn't be so why punish the innocents >?  Before my diagnosis when I was diagnosed with chronic mylitis I too was on Amitriptyline but still drove and didn't have any problems.   The saying honesty is the best policy unfortunatey is not true in this case.   I do hope things get sorted for you Kirstie.