Just posting to be a bit sad:-( having recently been diagnosed and thinking I was getting my head round it all, symptoms from relapse seem to be settling a bit, meds starting soon got a letter from the DVLa and been told 3 year licence. I knew it was coming, but I suppose another reminder that although I don’t feel too bad at the moment something else changes. I’m very positive, (have to be for everyone) but sometimes the being positive wears a little thin and right now I feel like that…are these ups and downs so norma for everyone and am I just expecting too much???

The DVLA rules are slightly weird, I suppose looking on the bright side though…t least I can still drive :slight_smile:

Hi Puzzled

Yes, these ups and downs are normal. I found the first year was a real roller coaster ride. Every time I thought I was getting my head round it all, something else threw me.

My neuro told me I had to inform the DVLA and my insurance company but he hadn’t warned me that I would be restricted to a 3 year licence so when the letter came I found it a bit of a downer. Not that it really makes a difference but like you say it is just another reminder that this sh*t is real and there is no hiding from it.

I can reassure you that after a few years, you will find it all easier to deal with. At the moment it’s all very new for you, there is the starting of meds etc. You will find that some things that are strange to you now will become the ‘new normal’.

In the meantime, keep coming on here for as much support as you need and for a chat, moan, giggle. Whatever you need, we’re all here for each other.

Take care

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey! Your post has cheered me up :slight_smile: you are right it is just getting my head round things, my problem is I’m not very good at one step at a time!!! I’m hoping to be a bit better once the meds start in the next few weeks, although I’m not ecstatic , it will be one less thing to think about! Xx

I know, it’s a nerve-wracking time. I assume we are talking about self-injecting DMDs? Again, been there, done that. Been injecting Rebif for four years now and the thought of doing the first one is worse than the deed itself. I was a nervous wreck the first time and after I had done the first injection I was thinking ‘Is that it?’ One little prick?’ lol. I promise you it really does get easier.

I’m not very good with change and I was a real Jekyll and Hyde person for the first year. My colleagues even nick-named me ‘the snappy one’ (I don’t mind, they weren’t true friends and they weren’t very understanding - you soon find out who your true friends are when the chips are down!!).

Tracey x