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Does anyone know if there is anywhere in the London/Surrey area that has the Walkaid (wireless) FES system? If so, do you know how go about getting it? Many thanks.

I am not in your area but I have FES,although not the wireless one. It is Salisbury that does them but they hold clinics in various places. A gp referred me, so you will have to be referred. Cheryl:)

According to their wesite you have the enviable choice of Birmingham, or Sheffield.

Being an American product, I imagine you need to part with a vast amount of cash.

Thank you , I will look into it.

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Before you go any further with a Walkaid - do look at a SAFO- silicone ankle foot orthotics from Dorset Ortho

l have had mine for 5yrs - and find it so much superior to a FES.



Thanks for this advice, I will look at this. My physio gave me a leg brace which does really help me when I am walking any distance but it rubs me really badly and I have tried socks, padding and allsorts. I think I am gonna try it with a bandage but you would think someone would design a really comfortable leg brace! Thanks again, I will take a look.

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Many thanks for the links, I will do some research.

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