Flying with drugs (not DMDs)

Are you able to move you travel plans even a little bit? Sometimes, even a day earlier or later will make a lot of difference.

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Used Google flights, which lets you pick the one you’re interested in, and then search a variety of agents (and the airline itself) to see if any of them does it cheaper than the headline price. This is where I saw the “good” flights yesterday, which have all gone or doubled today.

Also tried much the same with Skyscanner - not offering any improvement on the ones I can see with Google, at the moment.

This is another disadvantage of trying to do it all at the last minute - unlike some things, you don’t get a better price for leaving it 'til a few days before. The prices shoot up, because business people often need to travel at short notice.

So I think this impulsivity is adding a lot to the price tag, as well as being stressful for me personally, trying to sort it out in time.



Sent you a PM

Thanks for the help, Boblatina.

Gonna have to give it a break for a while, as I’m starting to confuse myself now! When I PM’ed you, I did mean going to London Thursday for departure Friday by the way (not Wednesday, as I said - that’s why I’d wanted the doctor’s note for Wednesday).

This ticket pricing is such a racket - absurd that they can double in under 24 hours, for the same flight!



Tina have you looked at Travel Republic for your flights? they sometimes have reasonable ones.

Have a good time.

Jan x

hi tina

not sure if you’re still interested/ needing an answer but i have only just come back from greece, and took a great letter from the MS nurse (via email- amazing person, as she pulled out the stops) which i partly composed (namely i edited the prescriptions). all the same, that made it easier/quicker for her to process . happy to email template if you are interested please let me know. if i don’t hear from you, hope you had an amazing time, ta fluffyollie xx

Thanks FluffyOllie, but I have no confidence in the hospital being able to come up with anything by Wednesday, any more than the doctor. I don’t know the MS nurse - I’ve met her once for checks for urinary retention (not retaining, apparently) and that’s it. I’m afraid she woudn’t have a clue what I’m on, and she is not the prescriber, so how much weight would her word carry?

I’m sorry - it obviously worked out well for you, and I’m glad, but in my case, I don’t feel asking someone who knows nothing about it really strengthens my “proof”, and I’m not sure about the value of an email, either. Would that be any more persuasive than just pulling my prescription list from Patient Direct, or whatever it’s called?

I’m increasingly resigned to not going, anyway. The friend who asked me has still not called to chat things through, and last I heard was talking about making the final decision Monday. Which obviously leaves it impossible for me to book flights with or without the doctor’s letter, as I could find I’m going on my own! Meanwhile, the prices are going up every day that passes.

I’ve got a retainer on the hotel room 'til midnight Wednesday, before which, I can cancel without penalty, but obviously I’d hoped for the rest to be all sorted before then.

My friend does admit it was “pushing it” to suggest it at this short notice. I think it was just a last minute brainwave of hers. She probably didn’t really expect me to say yes, and I’ve kind of surprised myself by even trying, but it’s no way in the bag yet.

The second thing lately that, after a lot of angst, doesn’t look like coming off anyway. The penpal thing didn’t come to anything either. Last I heard, the lady was in Canterbury for her course, and was going to write again three or four days before any trip to Bristol, but was never heard from again. She must be safely home again by now, and I expected a note something along the lines of: “Had a great time in England, sorry didn’t fit you in after all!”, but not even that. Don’t know if she sensed my reservations and was offended, or if she’s about as organised as the friend who’s suggested Vienna. Coincidentally also a penpal thing - but her penpal, this time, not mine. I had assumed she would be staying with the penpal, but it seems all she’s doing is meeting her for dinner one evening. So I really don’t know what’s behind the inflexibility on dates, and why she didn’t ask: “Do you want to do it next week/month, instead?”

My friend is a freelance translator, so I suppose she has to work around publishing deadlines, and things like that. Maybe it was the only “quiet” week she has?

Hope you had a lovely time in Greece! An excellent time to go, I’m told, despite all the economic troubles, as they’re absolutely falling over themselves to keep the tourist trade.

Had a Greek friend I was hoping might become more than a friend, in time - would have loved to have gone out there and spent time with him, but that was another thing that hit the buffers (his fault, not mine - new girlfriend every six months, and I eventually saw through it that he only ever got in touch when he’d just been dumped, and was feeling sorry for himself. Yes, I do have MS, but no, I’m not content with being last choice, every time, until something better comes along…)