hi all , I find explaining how irregular unpredictable MS can be , good days and bad days

if it was that simple? good and bad times in the same day you just don’t know when or

why . I suppose you have got to live in the now where possible, planning future events

difficult a diary helps but it is record of what has happened not what is going too, knowing our

future might not be great, the here and now , mindfulness seems the way to go???

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People often ask me ‘so do you get good days and bad days?’ I tend to answer ‘more like average months and bad ones’. But that’s just me, somewhat bitter and twisted after all these years …

You are of course absolutely right Sied, it’s the unpredictable nature of MS that really mucks things up. Planning things is a touch difficult, but I still do. We still book holidays and expect all will be OK when we get there. And on holiday, if I already know I’m likely to need a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon, well so beit.


do you have good days and bad days??? they just don’t understand " yes a really good day i can feel my feet? " they do not want to hear this. I suppose they are only trying to be nice! and holidays YES you have got to try otherwise your just giving in.