goodish day

hi everyone i am Sealy and new to the forum.just read a couple of messages which describe how i feel to a T… i feel like screaming crying and shouting… thats on most days. i actually feel relelieved that i am not the only one that feels this way. i started to feel like i was making a fuss over nothing and i should just get on with it.

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Hi Sealy, having MS isnt making a fuss over nothing.

We area all entitled to a vent sometimes.

We need to find a way to accept our lot and live with it.

I’ve had PPMS 24 years and coped pretty well…until last year, when I fell apart mentally.

Then Jesus stepped in and saved me. I know it isnt for everyone, but it made a massive difference to me.


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Sealy - living with MS ain’t easy and only ourselves know the trials and pain that we cope with on a daily basis but on here, we are all friends and usually get how everyone is feeling

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Screaming crying and shouting are perfectly reasonable reactions to the grief and crap we are dealing with. However try not to be consumed by anger as this uses a vast amount of vital energy which is needed to go forward. This place is good for a rant because people here know and understand these feelings.
Hope you have some more goodish days.

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Welcome to the forum…I understand exactly how you feel…about good & bad days…some days I can fill a swearbox…

Last night I slept around 9 hours it was like heaven - in my dreams I don’t have MS. Next minute my alarm went off and I had to get up and get ready for work

I am off Monday - literally so happy inside - no alarm clock, no work, just some light laundry & a day of tv and feet up…Then back to work Tuesday…ahh well can’t have everything…

Life is gonna be like this every week - its just how to deal with it…stay strong and keep going…