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Hi all am a newbie was diagnosed withMS ON February 14th 2018 I don’t think I’ve excepted it yet though it’s been a huge struggle for me, trying to cope with all different aspects of it. Sorry for the rant am not usually like that, hope your all have a lovely weekend though , I’ll understand if I get no replies I must be the only one in on this georgous weekend :upside_down_face::blossom::sunny::rainbow:

Hello @Bear44 and welcome to the forum.

You rant away, there will always be folks on here happy to lend a sympathetic ear.

You aren’t the only one in this weekend. For some reason about 3 or 4 years ago in my late 40’s I started suffering hay fever, like I haven’t enough to deal with, and his makes me stay in a bit more than I should.


Rant i dont see a rant hun. just an introduction. I dont go out in the heat no chance i struggle to even let the dog out lol. the heat wipes me out for days.

Ihave had this disease probably started 1998 diagnosed in 2016 and there are still aspects of it i find hard to accept.

please join in with us, some of us old timers like new blood lol…

A little welcome to you from me. xxx
:hibiscus: :rose: :sunflower: :bouquet:


Hi Bear44, Welcome. There’s nothing wrong with a good rant, but you need to get better at it as I don’t see a rant at all.
Wonderful sunny weekend, Mx

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Call that a rant??? If I’d had such a crappy valentines day I would be ranting like an olympian.
As for accepting and coping, each day has its challenges, and maybe some victories (no matter how small) My MS has helped me to find the odd silver linings which are out there. Hope you have a great week. If not, come back and rant some more, we get where you are coming from.

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Don’t apologise for venting your feelings, this is a very safe and understanding place to do it. Although your post doesn’t seem like a rant to me.

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Diagnosis on Valentine’s Day? It’s a bit like MS is saying ‘I really fancy you! How do you like the idea of spending your life with me?’

I only call a post on here a rant when it comes complete with a load of swearing redacted by the moderators!

As for ‘accepting MS’, naa, don’t think I’ve quite got there yet. Not that I’ve spent the last 24 years trying to, rather I’ve been spending my time learning more creative swear words!

Welcome to the forum Bear, I’ve stayed in all weekend as well. I get hay fever too (especially allergic to grass pollen which is right at it’s worst right now). I’m staying in today as well - it’s too hot!


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No rant there - I think everybody goes through what you are talking about - your outlook is bound to be different, not what you expecting, not what you wanted. Just breath in, keep ranting is that’s what you want to do - I verbally vomit, need to just to keep sane!

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