flu jab, ankle pain

Hi all. well had my flu jab my arms a little sore and red, :frowning: but does anyone have ankle pain first thing in a morning or after sitting a while. l don t know if it a MS thing or my age. Don t see my ms nurse untill december,
take care all regards Jan

Hi Jan,

I’ve had foot and ankle pain for some years.

My neuro doesn’t think it’s related, and is not very interested.

But I think it’s all to do with MS, and the associated muscle-tightening (spasticity).

I can actually feel the muscles on the tops of my feet are tight. It gets a little better with Baclofen, but it’s only relatively short-lived, so has worn off again by morning, meaning I’m always hobbling first thing.

Seeing a physio (preferably a neuro-physio) and getting them to show you some stretching exercises might also help. But it’s no miracle cure, and you do have to do them a lot to notice any difference at all.

For a long time, I dismissed everything as “my age”, but that was before I knew I had MS. In fact, pain isn’t “normal” or “expected”, at any age, and is a sign that something’s wrong.

Had my flu’ jab yesterday, as well. Not really any ill effects - certainly no flu’ symptoms. It just feels a bit bruised in the muscle, and I couldn’t lie on that side last night.

As long as I don’t touch it, it’s OK.