Have a flu jab and end up in A&E???

ok this has been a strange day… :confused:

Had a flu jab at work this morning, had one last yr, no reaction all fine.

Had ittoday - within 5 mins back at desk i felt dizzy - then it seemed like my entire body was on fire, burning pins & needles in arms hadns legs feet and face, never felt anyting like it… :confused:

got breathing calmed down & hubby took me to a&e, by which time my legs wouldnt work properly, felt like jelly, with twitchy pins & needles all up them.

Doc said didtnt seem like allergic raction, was at a lostt to explain, tho possibly neurological reaction to the jab??

had to stay there till legs were good enough to walk out :confused:

I am undiagnosed, have had a numb left hand and arm for approx 8 wks now (which is still numb even afger today!) also hae had other ramdom pns & needles, buzzing in bones, eyeball pains and burning skin.

waiiting on results of CT scn from 2 wks ago. (cant have mri )

can anyone offerany thoughts re my post aabove…

thank you xxx

Hi mad at, I know that the flu jab can have some pretty adverse reactions even in otherwise healthy people so I would hazard a guess that it’s nothing to worry about. When a foreign substance is injected into the body, the immune system can react in strange and sometimes unpredictable ways. Hope you ok now though. Catherine

Interesting my mum had MS and I remember her saying her neurologist advised her not to ever have the jab because of her ms, I think that is probably against guidelines now, they recommend anyone woth a chronic condition to have it, she was always adament she wouldn’t have it and had a lot of faith in that particular neurologist, but that was years ago.

Hi Madcat,

That isn’t a “normal” complication of MS, so I’ve no idea what happened. Despite your doctor’s views, it sounds more like an allergic reaction - or possibly some kind of panic attack.

Contrary to what Cavalier’s mum was told (above) the current NHS recommendation is that people with “chronic neurological conditions” - which obviously include MS - should be having the jab. Flu in people with MS is associated with a heightened risk of relapse for up to six weeks afterwards, so it’s not just the unpleasantness of flu’ itself that explains why we’re not supposed to catch it.

Of course, if you can’t have another, then you can’t. I don’t suppose you’ll be offered it in future years, if you had an unexplained bad reaction to this one. But at least you’ll be covered for this season.


Sorry, no ideas here. Definitely tell your neuro though - could be an important clue!

Karen x

thank you, yes feelng a ot better today thank good ness!!

adding it to the list for next time see neuro…