Floating on air

I have woken up this morning and its like my legs have turned to jelly, and they feel very weak and I feel unsteady I’m not sure what I could do or take for it, It’s just that for the last nine months my body has been in a war as I have just gone through cancer treatment and even though now I am nearing the end of it all I have just one week of a intensive boost of radiotherapy, If anyone could help as I don’t seem to be getting any help from MS nurse and I have not seen my consultant for eighteen month as he said at the end of last year via a letter that he would not see me while I’m going through the cancer I’m absolutely nacked I’m so fatigued I just don’t know we’re to turn now x

Hi hun, I replied to you on a similar post.

You`ve been through and still are going through an awful time hun.

Just hang fire on the neuro front. If you feel you need to see a neuro, then ring his secretary, yeh?

luv Pollx

fatigue is a result of your cancer as well as ms.

suggest you rest, rest and rest some more.

you have been fighting a war, no 2 wars, so your body WILL be feeling knackered.

when you get the all clear you will feel fabulous!

take care hun

carole x