First Post - Just Diagnosed & Overwhelmed

Hi Everyone - This is my first ever post, so here goes!

I’ve just been diagnosed with PPMS, one week after my 69th birthday - wonderful! So, as you may imagine, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. The neurologist thinks that I’ve had it for some time, but couldn’t be specific. So, here I am, going through all the emotions which I know you’ve all been through already.

It’s the unpredictable nature of MS which really gets to me, as I’m sure it does to you too. I feel a bit helpless and lost at the moment, so I’m so glad that I’ve found this forum.

I’m determined though to get ‘sixty seconds worth of distance run’ if I can and for as long as I can - the mind is willing even if the body doesn’t always want to follow suit!

Anyway, thanks for listening, and I really look forward to chatting with you on this forum 'cos I know I have a lot to learn from all of you.

Welcome to the site, they are a friendly lot here, if you have any questions, there will probably be someone who can answer it.

On everyday site there is brain fog where they are just plain silly, but quite funny.

So ask away or even if you want a rant go a head.


Hi Kay!

Thanks so much for your kind welcome to this forum. I had a quick look at the brain fog thread - haha! I can see that I’m going to fit right in there - lol!

I can relate to so many of the threads on here, and it’s kind of comforting to know that I’m not alone. I’m discovering that some of my friends seem to find it hard to even say the words MS, like if they don’t mention it then it’ll go away! How I wish it were that easy. So I tend to just clam up and hide my feelings as best I can.

I’ve now taken to playing the Pollyanna Game (for those of you who are old enough to remember the film!), and I’ve been mentally awarding myself a little gold star for each small task I achieve. It ain’t easy, but I’m doing my best! (BTW, I’ve also got COPD due to years of smoking (I gave up a few years ago), so that tends to slow me down too.)

OK, so I’m off to read some more posts on here. Hope you’re enjoying this lovely sunshine today.

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The weather is great, I understand the pollyanna game (showing my age here) it’s a good thing to try and find something good every day, the people here have all different ways of coping with MS and are able to help most people out if they can, with getting the best advice on things that you need or unusual ways that have helped with their MS. There is one gentleman who writes poems or about where he has been. Some tell us about where there’re going on holiday how it was and how they got health insurance to what or who you need to arrange for your chair Walker some will even tell you the best gin and tonic to buy from the German store. Kay

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Hello Flopsy

You are indeed very welcome here.

The diagnosis of MS does tend to make us run through the gamut of emotions, from despairing, to furious anger, through ‘maybe if I try to ignore it, it’ll go away’ (it doesn’t), and some even find their way to acceptance. I haven’t, but maybe one day. It’s been over 22 years now though so I might just stick with a combination of anger and humour.

Apart from the forum posts, there are information pages (see the ‘About MS’ button) where you’ll find all kinds of info from what symptoms are likely, to fatigue management (although you probably do that anyway with COPD). There’s also a place where you can find what is available in your local area (see the ‘Get Involved’ tab, scroll down to the bottom and put your location into the box under ‘Find Support Near Me’). You might also use the information available from the MS Trust - try typing in a word to your internet browser plus MS Trust and you’ll be amazed at how much and how useful their factsheets are.

Of course you’re most welcome to drop into Brain Fog. It might take some time to work out just what we’re on about, reading from the start is hard work and just starting from now requires a certain suspension of reality. But give it a whirl, you’ll soon find out whether our insanity is something you can deal with.


Flopsy - jump right into the fog! it’s the place where i feel right at home. there are some proper characters/nutters and i love them all. i was diagnosed with RRMS in 2008 just before my 50th birthday and apart from face planting i just carried on as normal. my family are quite crazy too. ain’t it great how we have the life that suits us? my brain is going off at random tangents so excuse the drivel. in my normal state i’d pour a gin and offer you all a round (virtual) but i’m off the drink at the moment. so pour yourself whatever you like and i’ll have a cuppa. CHEERS!!!

duh just read that back and there’s something wrong with the age i put.

i’m 60 now.

often feel like a 20 year old trapped in a 70 year old body but i’m sure you get the gist.

Thanks everyone! There’s so much information on this site - very useful, so thanks for the hints and tips. Hey Carole58, never worry about your age - lol! Right now, I’m feeling about 110 years old, especially in this heat.