First Neuro appointment

Well, after symptoms that started last year (weak arm and blurred vision) and gradually worsened with more symptoms popping up over the last few months, blood tests from GP clear, I finally saw a neurologist today.

And… you know you have one of those days when you feel “normal’”? Yes, I had one of those. A morning appointment - always a better time for me. So I didn’t feel drunk, my right leg and foot worked properly through all the reflex tests, my eye did not wobble, even my right arm felt a bit stronger. Very annoying. Not that I want anything wrong with me, but I know that by this afternoon I’ll be struggling and probably looking at the clock wondering if I can go to bed.

I gave her my list of symptoms and she read them, asked questions, did the walk up and down, touch your nose etc. I told her my symptoms are usually 100 times worse if tired or in the afternoon, and I’m hoping she believes me and doesn’t think I’m a nut.

Anyway I’m referred for a neck/spine MRI and a lumbar puncture. She doesn’t know what’s going on and told me quite frankly that the brain was a strange organ and often people get these symptoms and sometimes there’s no reason.

I’m sorry, and sorry for all those out there with the same/similar symptoms… but I’m 46 years old, just last year I was running 5k three times a week, now some days I feel I have problems keeping my head up. So yes, I said, I will have the lumbar puncture and the MRI just to rule stuff out if needs be and I’ll keep going until I do get some answers.

Sorry - feel a bit miffed. After getting home I went round the back to feed the birds and my right leg decided to give way… Aaaargh!

hi dizzyblonde

sorry the appointment was disappointing for you.

hope the MRI and LP go well.

carole x

It was okay, she was very good. What could she say? She only had my word for it - i.e. my right leg and right arm weakness and my dizziness, constant headaches. She asked me if I wanted an LP and the other MRI - of course nobody “wants” these things, but I’m so fed up I want some answers or at least to rule stuff out.

Does anybody else have symptoms coming and going? Mine can come and go during the day, sometimes they stay, the next day I feel ‘okay’. The only thing that is omnipresent is the weakness in my right arm - I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a normal right arm/hand. And headaches are almost constant - daughter pointed out that she’s fed up of me telling her I have a headache/burning feeling in my head (sometimes it feels as if someone has pressed a hot pan to the side of my head).

And does anyone else get people ‘diagnosing’ you? Vitamin deficiency? no had the test. Menopause? no. Stress? No, but you’re making me stressed… Trapped nerve? Eat, more veg? Virus? Flu? Sorry, guys, hope everyone is having a good day, this is the only place I can safely rant.

Dizzy x

Hi Dizzy

Hubby having a strop and telling me “You should see a Doctor if you’re that tired all the time” (this after several MRI’s, 2 Neuro appointments and the first of 2 VEP tests) is vying with “So - you all fixed and better now?” from the boss at regular intervals, for top Rant at the present.

As for symptoms coming and going, and being worse at certain times of day - Yep! If I’m tired my symptoms are much worse and I get some (tremor) only when tired (or over-heated). I tend to be worse in the mornings. The tinnitus is much worse if I get stressed/aggravated and my usual exercise routine (of just over a year ago now) is totally shot. I used to teach pole fitness and practice Taekwondo. I used to be able to do 40 press ups at a time - I can’t even manage 6 press ups before the pain curls me up into a ball cursing through gritted teeth now, and I can’t feel stuff properly with my left hand/forearm and leg so Pole is out on safety grounds. I still practice Taekwondo - I just have to pace myself, and avoid press ups.

Rant away Dizzy - I think we’ve all been there, and will be there again from time to time.


Hello Dizzy

Comfort yourself with the fact, that the neurologist listened to your concerns and believed you! There is no way she would have referred you for scans unless she had some concerns.

I hope everything works out ok for you.

Take care x