First Neuro Appointment

The last 24 hours have been nothing short of traumatic. My Fiancé was admitted to hospital last night with Pneumonia. Stayed with him until they said what was wrong and then he made me go home ( my mum stayed with our young son). I had never called an ambulance before, it was frightening. This was then followed today by my Neuro appointment. I am so exhausted but just cannot rest easily if that makes sense. He was nice, listened, took notes (which I m sure I missed things from the list I had in my hand!) He then tested my reflexes, checked my eyes, strength, made me hop whilst turning round, feet and pricking me with sharp things. He said I was describing ‘something’ and it was clearly not entirely in my head. I was relieved that my GP had left his assumptions in part, out of the letter. I wanted this referral to have fresh eyes. He is sending me for an MRI of the brain and neck and after that result is in he said we can have a little chat and see what is going on. He then sent me for an ECG which was clear (woo hoo!) and I had a lot of blood taken so I feel he was very thorough and if there is something lurking it should be showing after 6 years. My mum doesn’t know about what is happening with me and its the way I have to play it, I know my mum. She is flapping about my hubby to be and feels we should postpone the wedding. I want what is best for him but he won’t hear of it, he wants to go ahead. The wedding is next Wednesday but at the moment they are frantically trying to find out what kind it is as they are struggling to keep him stable, especially his temperature. I can’t even think about the wedding, I just want him well and home :frowning: Sam x

Really sorry to hear all this Sam!

I’m a newbie on here, so can’t offer any help, but just want to send out lots of cyber good will and best wishes for you and your fiance.


Yikes! What a day :frowning:

I’m really pleased that the neuro was thorough and you seem to be getting somewhere.

And I’ve got everything crossed that they get your fiance on the right meds to sort out the pneumonia very very soon.


Karen x

Oh Sam You are having a tough time atm. Hope your fiancé starts to respond to treatment soon, so that the wedding can go ahead. Glad the neuro listened and is doing his best to find out what is wrong. Good Luck, Teresa xx

Thank you all Sam xx