first ms nurse appt

Well I have finally met my nurse,decided to start on copaxone and she feels I need steroids as in another relapse.Last one only ended beginning of March.

Apparently my last scan showed alot of new activity which I wasnt told about…and cuz hubby was with me he found out alot more about stuff thats going wrong with me.what a day.

Good part is my daughter wants to be a paramedic and the pens look too complicated to me so I will self inject so Ive text her to say she can practice on me…she is climbing Snowdon at the moment.No doubt she will have to go to the hospital on her return as her arm is in a cast…doubt she will of kept that dry!!!

Glad that you’re getting some help

Injecting Copaxone is a doddle - I used to do it in the morning and it soon became just part of my getting up routine. AND it kept me relapse free for about 3.5 years!

I hope it and the steroids work brilliantly for you

Karen x

I like the idea of relapse free for 3 years!

As for trusting your daughter complete with cast to inject- you’re a very brave woman xxx

Thank you both.


H Pip x on the other forum thay were calling the MS Nurse ‘The Tooth Fairy’ !! and were debating whether they really exist!

So you have contributed to the ‘Yes’ camp!! LOLOL xxxjenxxx

I can indeed and I was with her well over an hour so it wasnt a dream