First MRI

I’ll try to keep this short, I tend to ramble on though so bare with me. I went to my GP a couple of months ago with back pain and after him asking some questions he discovered I’d had periods of what I thought was unrelated events over the last 7 years. The first being losing the use of my arm for a week when I was 18 but since then I’ve collapsed from my leg not working and had loads of what I now know to be symptoms of MS. My GP never mentioned MS so I’m getting ahead of myself after trying to figure out myself what my GP suspects. He referred me to a neurologist who I saw a month later who then said an MRI would be the sensible thing to do next so referred me for that which I had yesterday. They put a cannula in my arm and said I would need a dye putting in my arm throughout the scan. I had my brain and the whole of my spine scanned and then once it was over he said the images went straight through to someone and they’ve said I don’t need the dye. Now I’m driving myself mad trying to figure out what that means. If they saw something surely they’d use the dye to get a better look? Am I safe to assume my results will be ok? I’m not back with the neurologist for roughly 2 months, will I have to wait that long for my results? They didn’t give me any timescale yesterday.