Arm weekness and pressure

Hi all,

I’m just looking for some advice if possible. I’ve been undergoing tests for the past 10 years (on and off) in November 2022 I was told by a private neurologist that whilst he believes I do have MS (lesions on my brain and more appearing over time plus lots of symptoms) he couldn’t officiously diagnose as I didn’t fully meet the McDonald criteria.

Things have progressed quite a bit since then and I now have weakness in my left arm, constant pins and needles and tightness which can only be described like someone wrapping a right band around my arm and leaving it.

My question is, is it possible to get my diagnosis without another MRI if the weakness is visible to the neuro? I’ve had at least ten MRI’s in the past ten years and just want my diagnosis and to start some treatment.

Thank you in advance

Hi! Have you had a lumbar puncture? That is usually done to aid the neuro in their decision making- specific markers usually show in a MS diagnosis! Which ever way they cut it you have significant symptoms that impact your life and it warrants some sort of treatment even if you do not have a diagnosis.

I’ve had two which makes it even harder as they’ve both come back negative :cry: but my neuro said that it’s still highly likely I will meet the criteria soon.

Ah ok I guess that doesn’t help you in the here and now! If you haven’t already spoken to them either let your GP or neurologist know about your new symptoms and see if they are willing to look at your notes again or send you for another MRI. Have you had all areas scanned head, neck, back?

I have a private appointment next week with a new neurologist as mine is now only doing private clinics once every three months. So I’m hoping he will listen to my concerns about my new symptoms.

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