First beteferon injection - nervous

Good evening, I hope all are well. I was after four years dx on 5th nov with rrms, expected by me but affected me more than I thought it would and feel a bit panicked since. I have my first delivery of beteferon being delivered tomorrow and the nurse coming next week to show me how to inject (alt days). I made the mistake of looking on YouTube and setting up the auto injector looks so complicated, I am worried that I will not take it all in. I have been told I will get a DVD showing me how but am really worried about doing it, and about any side effects I might suffer? It all seems a little too much at the moment :frowning: Would appreciate any comments please. Thank you very much, Orchid x

Hi val, Thank you for the positive feedback! When I was given the dx I did query going on medication as I have only had relapses every two years, but like the ms nurse said, you don’t know when the next one will be or how bad it will be and I have been lucky in them being relatively mild so far. And I feel that, at least by going on beteferon, I am doing something rather that nothing. Thank you again and hopefully I am worrying for nothing ;-s Orchid x

Hi Orchid I’ve been on Rebif about 2 years. The Rebismart - auto injector device is really easy to use. It comes up with typed prompts on its window to tell you what to do next. You rotate injection sites - arms, legs. tummy and round the back - the MS nurse will guide you. It stings a little when injecting but nothing major. I am lucky no regular side effects. Do occasionally feel a little rough. It really is very very easy to use. Good luck Min xx