First beteferon injection

Hi all, Well the nurses have just left after me having my first beteferon injection, (self administered) and feeling rather proud of myself. Was a good experience, didn’t hurt a bit, didn’t even feel the needle go in! Just keeping my fingers crossed that the side effects are not too bad. Going to treat myself to a coffee and a DVD now. Hope everyone has a good afternoon, Best wishes, Sue x

Well done, clearing the ‘first one’ hurdle.

Enjoy your afternoon!


Well done, Sue

I promise you that (mentally) that is the worst one. Soon, it will be as routine as cleaning your teeth and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Tracey x

Well done Gray x

Thank you for your replies. I thought I had got away with the side effects, nothing until 7pm, 6 hours after the injection. Started to feel a little cold and fluey so ran up and washed my hair ready for the onslaught, but not too bad. I was quite cold and slept in my dressing gown and socks! But by 3am felt almost normal again and when I got up at 7am for my granddaughters school run was right as rain - here’s hoping the rest of them go so well. The only really bad point was that I had a migraine (guess I was slightly more worried about the whole thing than I realised) and the migraine was worse than the side effects. I think so long as i can sleep/rest through the side effects we should be fine! …and daughter number 2 is taking me out for lunch tomorrow so looking forward to that. Best wishes and happy Friday for tomorrow, Sue

I did my first Rebif injection yesterday. I used the Rebidose 22mcg and it was fine. The injection caused no pain. I started to feel a bit rough about 7 hours later (felt hot/cold, limbs ached) but not for long. Feel fine today and just a small pinpoint mark where I injected. I never imagined I would have to learn how to shoot up but so far so good.