fingernails not good.

Hi all,

I have had ridges in my fingernails for quite a while, but recently my nails have been coming off in layers at the tips leaving them thin and bendy. Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know why.



Finger naks are made drone same stuff as you hair, some cyclic medicines can affect nails, hair, teeth. Also some cleaning products can too. I would go with the 2nd as an excuse. Sorry I can’t give you more details Mike

Hi Jan, Yes my finger nails are flakey too, I don’t know why so will be intrested to hear from others. I agree with Mike so drugs and cleaning products can affect nails, but mine have become worse latly. Also vitamin and fungal infections can cause abnormal nails. Ppx

Hi Jan I also have ridges on my nails and sometimes they become brittle too. not too sure what causes it but i dont use cleaning products with bare hands so pretty sure its not that. Claudette x

Brittle and pealing nails can be an indication of vitamin b deficiency (nails are keratin) it could also be attributed t a medical condition - smart shi* that’s why we’re are here. Mike

peeling nails are caused by a variety of things as your other replies have said.

try buffing them, there are special nail buffers for about £1.50. this brings the blood flow to your nails and eventually they become stronger. they will be nice and shiny too.

wear marigold gloves, try to avoid soaking in water. water helps the layers to separate.

carole x


I’ve got flaky nails too, made even worse by some drugs. Asked a nail technician I know. Am now trying ‘solar’ cuticle oil rubbed in to the base of the nail morning and night. Apparently, it takes about 2 months to see the effects as you have to wait for your nails to grow right out / replace themselves. I’ll keep you posted…if I manage to stick at it!


Hello xxx

Are the ridges down the nail from the bed to the tips or accross them ? Only asking because every time I go through a bad patch I get them accross the nail - deep dents basically that slowly grow out until the next time - I was thinking it could be something lacing nutrition-wise x jenxx

Ridge in nails are from he production of keratin, deficiency in vit b. this helps strengthen nails, hair-same stuff keratin. White patches are fom a lack of calcium. Milk and milk products are a good source. For the weight conscious skimmed milk is ok. Vit b cornflakes has additives, green veg, kale, spinach, cabbage. You are better steaming and not boiling, unless you want the veg juice o dring when cold-yuk Mike


I am a beauty therapist.

This could be Beau’s lines. If the lines are horizontal.

Google it to get more info.

Small white marks on the nail plate are not a lack of calcium. This is a myth! This is where the nail has had a slight knock on it.


Oh now I know it what d old me. I ended up chewing calcium tabs, thx n I see doc I love chalk at least no indigestion.